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Making Disciple-Makers by Speaking the Truth in Love - Eph. 4:15 -16

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We are enthusiastic about the opportunities we have to teach and train leaders how to implement biblical counseling in their respective local churches, and we like to implement all our ministry initiatives in teams of two or more. “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil” (Eccles. 4:9). The mission of Truth in Love is to empower the body of Christ to make disciple-makers locally to globally. We are passionate about not only making disciples of all people groups, but also making disciple-makers – those who have been transformed by the gospel of grace who then become those whom God uses to be agents of others’ transformation. We think our two-by-two model is the wisest way to multiply disciple-makers in the Body of Christ. We are ready to TEAM UP with your local church.

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On-Site Training in Biblical Counseling

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Training in Biblical Counseling

How can I impact those in my church and my community? Who should counsel a hurting soul? What is biblical counseling? What makes it biblical? How can my church speak the truth in love in a Christ-centered way? What is the church’s responsibility in caring for the souls God sends their way? Should we refer to the world’s “experts”? What about addiction?

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Launch a Counseling Center in Your Church TODAY

We want to help your church fulfill the command “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12). Having a team of trained biblical counselors encourages pastoral leadership by carrying some of the counseling load. Ask us how our team model can assist your church in this vital outreach to souls.

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Addiction Specific Training

Kingdom building opportunities are upon us as very few people have not heard that we have a “crisis” on our hands in light of accidental overdoses and tainted drugs on the streets. The local church has the eternal answer in Jesus Christ. Training in addictions as a "worship disorder" and not a "disease" will help mobilize your church to strategically and biblically help those struggling with addictive sin habits.

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Dr. Mark Shaw Podcast with the Biblical Counseling Coalition

Dr. Mark E. Shaw had the opportunity to be interviewed by Curtis Solomon via the Biblical Counseling Coalition Podcast.Curtis and Mark had a fascinating video discussion of biblical counseling and addictions and covered a lot of ground in this 35 minute or so video: 3 basic heart issues in the struggle to overcome any sin in our lives (these are […]

Colts Linebacker Dies: Victim of a Drunk Driver

On Super Bowl Sunday, a day the NFL celebrates its sport by naming a season champion, the league grieves a tragic loss of life to one of its players. This time, the tragedy hit close to home for me. The issue of drunkenness is again a source of sorrow for the county I live in:  Marion County. The victims who […]

IMPD Arrests 2 in Wheeler Incident

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department deserves our praise for their continued hard work and sacrifice for the citizens of Indy. Today, they made 2 arrests in the Wheeler Mission incident that saw over 20 people overdose on bath salts/spice/Flakka. We are thankful for the work the police does to enforce the law when dealing with drug dealers. They have a […]